Keele Underpass StreetART
BIA Board members previewing the early stages of the Keele underpass mural, with artists Rob & Tommy Matejka


Keele Connection

Located at the Bloor and Keele underpass, this sophisticated StreetARToronto (StART) mural was created by local artists and brothers Rob and Tommy Matejka. It features a subdued colour palette and layering that gives the artwork a dynamic quality, while the size and scale invite the community's daily commute – whether by TTC, bike, car or on foot – to become part of the viewers' experience. This intriguing work of art was unveiled on October 25, 2015 to coincide with the 5th anniversary of our BIA's Toast to Autumn festival.

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Pumpkin Carving
Learning decorative carving at the pumpkin station


Toast to Autumn Fair

Every October, Bloor by the Park hosts its annual Toast to Autumn festival.

There's live music, giveaways, food and drink vendors, an art market, and fun activities for all ages!

Visit to view a GALLERY of event photos.

BBTP Bench
A great place to catch the sunset


Dorval Community Garden

Together with The West Bend Community Association, Bloor by the Park BIA helped bring this wonderful little space to life. The Dorval Garden is a nice place to take in a summer breeze and watch the subway zip by. What was once a barren hunk of weeds has been transformed into a welcome retreat.


Graffiti Project
This mural is playful & whimsical. Check out the rest of the lane way to find King Kong and more!


Graffiti Mural Walk

On the north side of Bloor, behind each merchant, is a lane way that extends from Dundas West subway station to the east entrance of Keele subway station. Some years ago our BIA worked with local graffiti artists during a special event to create fantastic murals and artistic designs on some of the buildings.

They're famously showcased while riding the train!