NOW OPEN: Hanji Gifts

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Beautiful family-owned Toronto gift shop specializing in Korean hanji paper, greeting cards, stationery, crafting materials, ceramics and gifts.

"Hanji", in Korean, means handmade mulberry paper. Even today, it is made using the age old process with all natural dyes and processing techniques. No trees are cut down, only carefully selected mulberry branches are removed, stripped and boiled to preserve the long and incredibly strong fibers unique to the mulberry plant.

Hyun Suk Choi and Catherine Choi are the owners of "Hanji handmade paper and gifts". They first met in Korea while Catherine was teaching English in Ilsan. Despite the odds of being from different sides of the world and not speaking each others language, they fell in love, married and have now opened "Hanji handmade paper and gifts". Here they intend to preserve and share age old traditions from Korea while offering beautiful and unique items to all customers.

1568 Bloor St W
On Facebook: @hanjigifts